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This one makes me laugh every year… because it is so very true.

@drewdevault I've enjoyed reading your blog over the years and have quietly found it insightful, esp. in cases I did not originally/do not agree. Work done for free in the open somehow seems to unfairly garner more intense scrutiny 🤔

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Learning stuff: amazing.

“Always learning” in bio: Peter principle beneficiary, crypto chud, or serial harasser.

@coral was it good tho? was it a nu experience hehe

@considermycatjohn I was dumbstruck by this the other day, I couldn't believe my partner doesn't!

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If mastodon is co-opted by tech giants I would simply move to an even more confusing and esoteric social network

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This is not a bag of honor

No highly esteemed deed is commemorated here

Silica gel

Do not eat

@cb afaik that kind of writing can block, so it can slow down a program if it's really printing a lot. However, seeing as tmux keeps a scrollback buffer the process is still going to be writing it somewhere, so it may not change anything. If there's truly an obscene amount of writing removing that in the code could help

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This is a ~6 month solargraph using a Solarcan. This was mounted to a drainpipe on our house on Jan 1st 2022 and left for about 6 months to capture the path of the sun over that time. The solarcan is a pinhole camera with a sheet of photographic film inside designed to capture extremely long exposures.

@coral now all I need is a marker for "how well my brain is working"...

@coral imagine becoming stupider just because there isn't enough air smh

i'll have to test that over the next few days

@coral maybe I should open my windows... finally something else to blame for feeling slow and stupid 🙃

@coral I love the pantomime of it - you know why you're calling, the poor person at the other end knows why you're calling, then you dance around with "can you help" and "let me run that through the computer" for ten minutes and then everything goes back to normal

Every year, the insurance company adds ~£100 to the car insurance, then we ring them and they immediately remove it.

Another little papercut from the profit incentive. Somebody won't know or care, free money

on the one hand, yay

on the other, just selecting another arbitrary bastard and carrying on with the same shit

it's the same old story

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ukpol, liberal peekaboo 

[jeremy hunt]
liberals: that is jeremy hunt, a malicious incompentent who oversaw the destruction of the NHS
[jeremy hunt covers his face]
liberals: woah he disappeared
[jeremy hunt removes his hands from his face]
liberals: (delighted baby noises) that is jeremy hunt, a forthright statesman. it is so good to have an adult back in the room. i feel safer already. politics has returned to normal.

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@coral I'm enjoying the "progressively less-and-less likely" aspect to this post

@stragu For Firefox, I use one called "Consent-o-matic" which does exactly that 👍

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