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TESTED: We send a series of bomb threats using our favorite VPN & email providers to verify their privacy claims

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Every day I wake up, turn on my computer, and turn off my computer.

@coral why is this a thing it doesn't even have those letters

@coral very background-able. Makes me want to buy more monitors to tile it across

@coral oooh your setups are getting fancier by the day!

@coral where's the 97 come from? cmw without it is a) nice hacker vibes and b) pleasingly typoable into the openbsd cwm

yes I'm totally working really hard what's your problem πŸ€”

500 lines of code for a vaguely nauseating cosine. Time well spent 😭

@coral Legitimately if you add Graphics[], it converts it to what you actually want. Hilarious

Do you ever get the feeling that your computer is being a sarcastic little bitch? πŸ€”

@coral holy shit this is the actual worst

come round and we'll play it at 1am

Good morning, friends! I'm breaking three weeks of silence to let you know that I'm listening to the Paradise Killer soundtrack, and you should be too. 🎷 🎷 🎷

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#Rothenburg ob der Tauber in #infrared (550nm), part 2.
Basically a bunch of late Medieval half timbered houses that got ambitions. It's usually full of tourists, but this summer has been rather quiet thus far. #photography #architecture

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comic sans implies the existence of comic serif

still thinking about this

g/acc bs 

@coral shout into the void bb

g/acc bs 

@coral *nods sagely* yes these are words

Firefox needs to be reopened after suspend otherwise it acts as though there's no network. What gives?

This bug seems to ephemerally appear across different Linux laptops I've used. I'm hoping someone knows a solution because it drives me absolutely mental

phones (that you can't look inside and aren't allowed to know what they're doing) aren't completely trustworthy and 100% secure

big news

next up, self-driving cars (that you can't look inside and aren't allowed to know what they're doing). hope they don't crash when you log in as alexei.navalny@dontmurder.me

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Darkdrop Coffee: Musky! Explosive! Almost certainly not actually brewed from bat guano! That's just Mr Wines' little joke.