It's 2021 and an iMac G3 is an actual part of my workflow (I mean, I could just use a second monitor, but still)

yes I'm totally working really hard what's your problem πŸ€”

500 lines of code for a vaguely nauseating cosine. Time well spent 😭

Do you ever get the feeling that your computer is being a sarcastic little bitch? πŸ€”

I can't believe it, my unix box didn't have ed... and I hadn't even noticed! 😭 I'm a fake sysadmin. Someone take my SSH keys away.

It runs! Compiling with --enable-assembly=no was a surprisingly easy fix. Now I need to see if I can do this with the ports infrastructure instead of a source tarball...

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Instead of finding the correct answer, Mathematica painted some clouds instead

Mathematica accidentally generating incredible jacket lining rather than a correct bandstructure

6.9 is nearly out - if you run the snapshots, time to get testing! Looking forward to the improved networking stack πŸš€

Today's net physics result: minus 4 notebook pages. However, I got to use my pretty new Japanese ink, so I'll call it a wash

however cold it may be, my ebooks will never freeze again. next task - getting megan to a full size one for me...

Darkdrop Coffee: Musky! Explosive! Almost certainly not actually brewed from bat guano! That's just Mr Wines' little joke.