Has anyone got any experience with SDL2 on macppc? It dumps core with "illegal instruction" on my iMac G3 for a simple test

It runs! Compiling with --enable-assembly=no was a surprisingly easy fix. Now I need to see if I can do this with the ports infrastructure instead of a source tarball...

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@will Sounds like Altivec, which G4 and up support, IIRC not many things do runtime detection, so packages break on G3 because of it. I'm not sure what the ports policy is these days, but I wouldn't be surprised if having the best performance on the G4 was what was considered.


@brynet seems like a sensible policy. There are some more fine-tuned options I could change rather than disabling it all - when I can be bothered to wait for another compilation I'll find out! :')

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