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Windows: the more disks you have, the more the explorer window slows down

Je trouve vraiment pas de bon serveur dédier. J'ai cherché chez:
- Online
- SoYouStart
- PulseHeberg

Vous connaissez des hébergeurs de serveurs dédiers pas listés ?

Should I make relativity.cafe a oriented instance ? Would people like that ?

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I think it's really polite of C-3PO to talk to other droids and things in human-language. Higher throughput, lower error protocols must exist, but he totally doesn't want the humans to feel left out of the conversation!

R2D2, though, is like one of those really stand-offish people who deliberately talks to their friend in French or whatever whilst the rest of the group just stands around awkwardly.

Then C-3PO replies in human-language, to make a point. You're all about the social glue, C-3PO.

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"Overall I rate the game 2/10, because, in spite of the impressive graphics, the plot of the game nor the gameplay could prevent me from remembering that each minute spent gaming is about a 30$ loss to my mining business. Just seeing the perfect water physics made me cringe because the computations in the GPU could have been spent mining KimCoins"

Everytime I reload empty.cafe, either the home timeline or the notifications timeline gets an error 500

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L'autre truc qui me perturbe dans les films, c'est les 36 terminaux, un pour l'entrée, un pour la sotie et un autre juste pour décorer…

Ici, t'as des fenêtres de terminaux qui ressemblent à ceux de windows, sur un OS X, avec une sortie qui ressemble à du systemd 😂


Forgot that and I spent too much time trying to figure out

Also inotify doesn't work when working on windows partitions on Bash on Ubuntu on Windows

Setting up a new project takes ages ffs

I might kill wiki.maly.io though because it's useless

Aaaah {cloud-wiki}.maly.io is down AGAIN. Fucking hosting provider


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My face is back.
Life update:
I am a crypto reporter at CoinDesk now

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Is there anyone that knows how to use the web+mastodon URL scheme?

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My Mi Band 2 uses a enormous amount of battery when I am not wearing it. I'm talking about 20%/hr instead of 5%/day

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Des gens ont de l'expérience avec la compilation de LineageOS ? Des ressources ou des conseils à me donner ? 😊
J'ai un nouveau téléphone (marque chinoise), et faut que je compile moi-même LineageOS.

RT apprécié 😚