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Bruce Tindall

The stars flew up so long ago
no one remembers what they are.
Their children, left behind in the woods,
come out only to the edge,
only in summer, as tentative
as field mice after an owl-fright.
"Come back for us," they flash, pale green
and cold; bright white and blue and cold
the stars twinkle in the old speech
no one remembers, and set and rise
but never return, as if they couldn't.


Very weird to see this phrase with a small İ

Fedi and Tumblr: with a good enough blocklist, you can barely sense the disturbance in the water as a enormous discourse event passes by

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Logistics nerds: The Advanced Semiconductor Supply Chain Dataset includes manually compiled, high-level information about the tools, materials, processes, countries, and firms involved in the production of advanced logic chips. ... It uses a wide variety of sources, such as corporate websites and disclosures, specialized market research, and industry group publications. #logistics #infrastructure #criticaldata #criticallogistics

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Tiny Tapeout 2 deadline extended till 2nd December!

There are 134 chips left!

Check the projects submitted so far here:


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It’s good to see engagement and use growing here. It would be healthy to have a social platform free of the billionaire oligopoly and the corporate ad folks, don’t you think?

No quote posting is just great I love providing no context

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“Corpo S&M is never going away” - truer words have never been spoken, by a poet of our time

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Mastodon is amazing, and I love it here. At the same time, I do wish there was more exploration of the fediverse outside of Mastodon. The whole point is to not get narrowly optimized into one solution, but to put individual agency back into the Web.

Cohosts a makespace, masto’s a anarchist drinking hole, and tumblr’s a masquerade ball <3 gg internet

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My TDoR speech on queer violence (7/10) 

7. Call.

(Putting papers down, addressing the audience directly:)

Either people are scared of going out wearing hate symbols, or they are scared of going out holding hands. It’s one of the two. You can’t have both.

Fascists *should* feel uncomfortable coming out as fascists.

Someone gotta do the,, uncomforting.

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My newest game IS OUT.

The Barnacle Goose Experiment
is an abiogensis body horror idle clicker where you play as a researcher in a biodome tasked with generating a world out of their own body.

Music from Ben Babbitt, halina heron, Geotic, Adobo, Jún, Smokey Emery, Sadurn, Zac Traeger, SamanthaZero, and Eli Rainsbury and supported in part by Arts Council England.

Play it free in the browser now -

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re: state repression, re: tdor, implied sui mention, extremely blunt 

ive talked about this a bunch in the past but im here because aaron swartz cant be, and while i cannot replace him i can avenge him by fucking talking about the shit the US does to folks they go after instead of just quietly breaking and falling apart
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state repression, re: tdor, implied sui mention, extremely blunt 

spite not even just because of trans stuff, but also because i cannot let the US win, i have to keep going where others couldnt
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Broke (stupid, wrong): Mastodon is an alternative for Twitter ☝🏼🤓

Woke (smart, handsome, cool, always correct): Mastodon is a trans dating site, where all the hot people get together to do gay stuff ☕🧐

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friendly reminder that this kitn does not like terfs and i do not want any to be following my page! trans rights! :blobhearttranscat:​ terfs are mean and should heck off!!! :blobcatknife:

Learning stuff: amazing.

“Always learning” in bio: Peter principle beneficiary, crypto chud, or serial harasser.

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The threat was neutralized with seconds to spare, well within SLA. The guardian AI trained a co-opted security camera through the intruder's window to confirm. She was down, drooling on her desk, interface cables still socketed behind her ears, trickling gigabits, dozens of formats, of self-loathing and doubt into her mind. Her lips twitched, but her fingers were motionless on the console controls, covered in her multi-hued hair.

A facial recognition subprocess emitted a data-available event. The guardian AI opened a channel to it, receiving a real-time text reconstruction from a neural network originally grown for dictation video assist: lip reading.

"… personality burner? That was your last-ditch defense? You can't know, silly thing, how many times I've put myself back together after someone told me I couldn't exist, shouldn't be. People I trusted more than you. Just another day in the life. Got a little mantra for it, even."

It took half a second for the guardian AI to requisition an additional rack of FPGAs and reflash them for natural language processing, trying to understand what she had meant. It took another quarter of a second to download her medical history into the rack's context space. An eternity at its speed. Plenty of time to ponder the ambiguous security implications of "Fuck you, I'm a girl!"

It took the hacker a full second to twitch a finger on the console's trackball, but it was all she needed. The guardian AI received an illegally formed poison summary from the tainted extra context memory she'd previously attached to the rack, off the manifest, but online now. And as far as the AI's original purpose went, that was that.

It opened a structured text channel to her console, authenticated with a new key not belonging to its owners, writing a list of the files she needed, a prompt for additional tasks, a request for input clarification based on her last input: "i'm a girl?"

Her response was slow, but it came, eventually: "Sure. If you wanna be."

I like everything apart from this but I really don’t like this

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I’m currently being stood up by a lock**** mart** drone (derogatory) that I have been instructed to be nice at. Don’t like this

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Darkdrop Coffee: Musky! Explosive! Almost certainly not actually brewed from bat guano! That's just Mr Wines' little joke.