(twitter xpost) @twitter.com@@fatandalsodumb posted this photo of "Reagan’s detail at Augusta National. Uzis and LL Bean gumshoes is a look.". I've edited a couple of guys looking gormless out of the middle, it's now a pretty solid pinup imo

Area tgirl shines class 1 laser at her face (what will she think up next)

I want to make a very silly ebike. Someone convince me it’s a bad idea

Thinking of putting a TSDZ2 on a single speed townbike with a really tiny battery... the TSDZ2 is torque sensing, so can help with setting off from a stop and with a small battery it only adds 60% of the wight of the bike...

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your gender, your looks, how you present, what you identify as, which labels you wanna use, your personality, what you wear, it's all up to you.

and i have yet to find another community where this is more accepted than the trans (and generally queer) community.

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Namecheap are just awful at keeping infra up. This is the second multi-hour outage of the hosted email in as many months. What are people using for email that you pay for & supports custom domains?

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We all have a little bit of Grover in our Haûs

"I’m not sure that enough people know how to read or respond accordingly to a trans femininity that isn’t either gay effeminacy or trans womanhood."


I appreciate the level of petty this guy apparently was; remembered only for a ruling that everyone ignores (but you have to say you are ignoring it)

Today coral pretended to be a boy to drive a van back and fourth on the same road many many times, 10/10 would recommend if you want to panic constantly about taking too long to move house.

A man has taken a horse and cart to big sains, he’s just parked in a disabled space

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My hypothetical PhD project supervisor has jumped to join a startup; rude, as I just jumped from a startup to do a PhD. plans -> dust etc

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I accidentally got NFT instead of HRT, and now apparently my gender has consumed more power than Argentina. 👀 Sorry about that.


ok, it's resumable after a e2fsck. This is all so I can free 4mb of space so LVM can mirror this drive ugh

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I just ctrl-c'd a resize2fs in progress... f's in chat for my deskop's array

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I'm writing a lot of Bluespec, and for a oddball HDL focussed on improving compiler assistance it's absolutely got a lot of really oddball sharp edges

f.e. if you declare a loop like this
for (UInt#(4) i; i<=15; i=i+1)

the compiler will infinite loop, occasionally telling you "function unfolding steps interval has been exceeded". Pretty clear why here; a UInt#(4) will never be > 15 by applying addition so it's a infinite large expression.

nevertheless, painful

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The Hilbert space of
the composite system is
the tensor product

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