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I've written a paper on how C++ compiler diagnostics could be improved.

It starts with a language-agnostic survey of the state of the art in production compilers and academic literature, so should be interesting even if you don't use C++!


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The story of how we have cheap hormones (birth control, transgender hrt, cortisol for arthritis) is WILD. It's called Marker degradation; an unpatented process that turns a product of yams in Mexico into various mammalian hormones.

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Moderation philosophy, from a retired mod 

By the time I stepped down as a mod, I was even more pro instance block, and here's why: if instance B is undermoderated and highly moderated instance A chooses to stay federated with them because most of the people there are cool, instance A's mods end up having to take on all the work of shadow moderating instance B. With finite mod resources, an instance that wants to provide a safe space for people has to cut off undermoderated ones.

> The speed with which Twitter recedes in your mind will shock you. Like a demon from a folktale, the kind that only gains power when you invite it into your home, the platform melts like mist when that invitation is rescinded.

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I finally made a page to collect my writing on the wave function collapse algorithm! In case you're interested in the subject or want to start down that dark path of matrix math and madness, here you go :3

I want to show you that that Internet you used to go exploring is still very much there. There are still tons of small personal websites, and a wealth of long form text from both the past and the present.

So it's a search engine. It's perhaps not the greatest at finding what you already knew was there, instead it is designed to help you find some things you didn't even know you were looking for.

BBC does not subscribe to ‘cancel culture’, says director of editorial policy, gets cancelled anyway.

Sorry Ian but iPhone cinematic mode looks awful. Lovely sharp smooth video but the depth segmentation is awful, unstable, undifferentiated by distance…

Cartographist ‒ Szymon Kaliski

A horizontally-growing history-tree browser for getting lost in rabbit holes; interesting! Agreed with the note that this would be lovely as a i3 module and pulling things into a zettelkasten tool.

yeeeeeehhhhhh boi we have a new battery! The 62% health of the old battery does not represent that it would die instantly if you used full CPU...!

DFT is a machine for getting the answer you want irregardless of the real physics (chemical accuracy is 0.03eV)

Much handwringing in the FT today over what's causing the drop in retail sales...

Out of total coincidence today I checked JM's homepage and found this:

They map SAT problems to graph colouring circuits that you sample by driving with phased clocks; and get an effective 10^6x speed-up for gibbs sampling; enough to get up to 700x speed-up for probabilistic 3SAT (when was the last time you heard about improvements to SAT!?)

Just want to check something: according to this the pentium Pro retired 0 instructions per cycle the vast majority of the time? What?

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